Dental Emergency in São Paulo - doctor Cassius ReisA dental emergency usually refers to a condition causing acute pain related to the teeth, gums and supporting bone, or other structures in or around the mouth .A "dental emergency" can also be such events where the life expectancy of a tooth is in question due to bacterial ingress into the dental pulp and other soft tissues, loss of blood supply, or damage to the surrounding tissues. Sudden loss of a (such as a crown or a bridge), causing cosmetic concern or difficulty eating is also sometimes referred to as a dental emergency, even if there is no pain. Some dental emergencies involve bacterial infections and the associated inflammation of tissues surrounding the oral cavity including muscles, periodontal tissues, bone, and extracellular spaces. In this respect, a dental emergency is not usually a type of medical emergency, since there is only rarely a threat to life. Many treatments exist to repair the dental emergency and each is specific to an individual dental emergency.

Below are some of the most common services we provide:

Root canal therapy-Root canal therapy
-Replace or recementing dental crows
-Replace or recementing dental veneers
-Restoring cavities with dental filings
-Tooth extration
-Cosmetic dentistry
-Cleanings & periodontal therapy
-Treatment of infections
-Teeth whitening